Lady Kedi welcomes criticism. And blushes when people compliment her. To do either, you can mail her at or @LadyyKedii.


17 Responses to “Contact”

  1. gopala krishnan said

    You can blush..!

  2. anannya said

    luv ya….

  3. wisetongue19 said

    you are hilariouz

  4. humachine said

    Amazing Blog ! Tanglish, FB smileys articles n Peter Girls one were all too good ! 🙂

    Nice feel !
    Kudos !

  5. Gautam Govindraj said

    was just going through your blog and found it really interesting.
    Could relate to it better, being a Tam-Brahm myself …

  6. dipti2379 said

    This a fantastic blog..
    Rombada too much 😉

  7. funniest gal ever!! your twitter id please..;)

  8. I need mony for my buisness i am a poor guy in 9ja i need help my firend are lafin at me i need to make it pls help me & u can call me by this number +2348061291713 because i am not good in Englis i am wait for u call

  9. Thomas said

    Today, I saw a lot of posts on Facebook with the expressions u mentioned and it got me thinking about this strange behaviour of women.

    So… I googled! 😛 And I must say.. Brilliant post! U’ve answered all my questions in the funniest way possible! Cheers!!

  10. Nice blog. I’m in the “you-yess” too doing my “am-mess”, so cpuld resonate to your thoughts. And i miss home

  11. Nar said

    Nice blog. Remember my parents…Nar

  12. Anonymous said

    So is lady kedi single?

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