March 5, 2012

This winter has been ruthless to me. Right from when it started getting chilly in October, I knew things were only going to go downhill.

To save you from a long rant, I will just say that I was put through a lot. I was a big square peg being forced into a small round hole. The edges were rubbing off, the corners were cracking and there were scratches all over.

But – I learnt that you cannot go on doing something you are not good at because it is safe. I learnt that it is okay to take a year off your résumé and that was not the end of the world. I learnt that you need to taste failure to not be afraid of facing what life throws at your face. And I learnt that fear with failure chews you up bit by bit.

After many days of surviving on six cups of coffee and a few Hershey bars a day, I know that moping is for the weak. If your strength has been tested and you have come out wounded but tougher, the weakness then cowers.

The days are sunnier. The wind is showing more remorse. Life is looking up.  Spring is here.