Life Updates

October 27, 2011

So I came to the US. And almost gave blogging up. Before I reason out why I gave in to the temptation to blog again, a few thoughts on how life has been.

Life is a series of PhD comics. Though I love it and laugh at it, there is more irony now in my laughter than before.

After being pampered like a princess at home, it is hard to cook for myself, do my own laundry, pay my bills and importantly, keep up with the humongous amount of studying that I am supposed to do.  But then, I can wear anything I want to, buy anything I want to and come home anytime I want to. Does this independence compensate for feeling less at home? I do not know.

Diwali and Navarathri are distant but cherished memories.  Maybe by the time Pongal arrives, I would have acclimatized myself to the bland life here.

I see people who have an accent halfway between Indian and American, who spell differently, whose children cannot speak Tamil, and who celebrate Halloween and not Diwali. Is that going to be me in another ten years?

Oh yeah, the streets here are super clean. The grass is well maintained. The fall colours are beautiful. The people are friendly. There is no pollution, dust or noise.

US is awesome. US is sexy. But US is not home.  It is too silent, too cold and the coffee here really sucks.

For me, home is Chennai – hot, humid and where I truly belong.


23 Responses to “Life Updates”

  1. vijay03 said

    Same to same emotions! The US is super awesome but the feeling of warmth that you get back in Chennai is not there.

    And the courses and the classes are entirely different – bunking classes, going to canteen after classes, etc etc laam onnum kedayaathu.

  2. Velayudham said

    Looks like you are missing Chennai a lot! And by the way, what is gonna be your Halloween costume? 😀

  3. Back with the Bang ku badhila Back with Polambals 🙂

  4. Arunkarthik said

    I expected more ‘Mary’ from US though! 😀

  5. Anirudh said

    Been sitting here in Singapore finding out all the atrocious ways the government squeezes the sweat out of it’s people… thinking, “Thank god I’m not born here”. We are so much better off than these poor folk.
    Perfect time to find this come back post.

    Ratan Tata once said, “I do not want India to be an economic super-power. I want it to be a happy country.”

  6. Miki said

    A year back u were polambifying u didn’t get any admin to US coll..
    Still remember those polambals…
    But now…u soon fed up with US culture,,,
    Home Sweet Home Right??

  7. Jatin said

    Haha like they say, you can take a girl out of India, but you can never take the Indian out of a girl!

  8. athi said

    Oh shit… wat happened to ur trademark slang “Kaapi” (in the line before the last one)… I think u have become one among them!!!! 😛 😛 😛

  9. Senthil said

    Ha ha…. your blog is awesome. Your sentiments are spot on!!! Naanum Chennai–>You Ess of Aaay PhD student thaan, and I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. 🙂
    I just started reading your articles one by one, starting with the previous ragecomic (also, VERY well made). Aana intha article a padicha udane comment panniye theeranumnu thonuchu. Excellent work.

    P.S. Lady kedi… ha ha ha ha ha.. peru selection soooper.

  10. Sindhuja Venkatesh said

    I feel i hav a split personality like Anniyan and end up bloggin in the night as lady kedi o.O .. plz tell me thtz not true !! its like u read my mind !! CREEPY !! :S

  11. Sindhuja Venkatesh said

    Awesome blog btw 🙂

  12. Rads said

    Hmm it is definitely more beautiful than India…and I hate coffee here too…you get every flavor except the coffee flavor…

  13. V said

    Interesting lines on US… I stay outside India as well. Got to read your blog out of my friend’s status msg in Gmail.

  14. This comic is awesome! Wherever we are it is not chennai and not home 🙂 However sexy the place is. Totally agree and miss home 🙂

  15. Sri said

    I miss chennai 😦

  16. MS said

    Always makes me wonder, what is it about the US that makes people leave behind the place where they feel they truly belong and live in constant misery pining for what they have left behind ? Is it just the lure of a better quality of life (materialistically speaking ?)

  17. Sri said

    I think all is to do with the money we earn in US, but after coming to US we realize that money is not everything. The family, bonding are more important. I miss the kalyanams where we sit at the kalyana mandapam chit chating with all relatives & friends…mooka pudika sapaad, tiffin etc

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