Kedi Minus

July 6, 2011

That is what I will call my yet-to-be-released, very exclusive, super addictive social networking site. What if every other enterprise got the idea to start their very own social network? What would be the features included? What could we expect to share, see and opine on those sites? These are a few possible scenarios.

Hi5’s “Stomp”

How many of us actually remember Hi5? I vaguely recollect that there was a scrap book, which Orkut aped. This time Hi5 comes without Likes or +1s. Instead, you can stomp, stamp and slap statuses and photos, like how Hi5 was stomped, stamped and slapped upon by Orkut.

Orkut’s “Revenge”

This is named after what Orkut Buyukkokten wanted once he saw Facebook emerge as the clear winner. This may also come to be Facebook’s future name after Google+ opens registration to all.

Facebook 2.0

This is like Chitti v.2.0. It is malicious, despicable…and boring after a certain point of time. Just like how the original version is.

Yahoo’s “Boo-hoo”

Why should Yahoo keep quiet with Gmail driving it out of its own den? So, it comes up with Boo-hoo which is full of advertisements for matrimony, photos of Bollywood beauties, hot gossip of what is happening in the Hindi tele-serial world and the latest news about behind-the-screen activities from the lamest reality show.

Hotmail’s HotSpot

HotSpot is more of a certified stalking site than a social networking site. It allows users to rate a profile as HOT or NOT and will display the hottest profile on the top, much to the pleasure of its male users.

Twitter’s Nutter

This is especially for the clan that loves to stalk celebrities. Twitter’s Nutter is a quintessential social networking site that will have the same features as Twitter, although the name is changed just so that people believe that Twitter is also developing new things. The inappropriate hash tags, random stalkers passing lewd comments and shameless people pleading everyone to follow them will still be the salient feature of this Twitter Nutter.

Kedi Minus

This will have the much wanted “dislike” button and a minus button where you could fill in the number of minuses you want. This is expected to give a “who has got the least number of minuses” craze analogous to Facebook’s “likes” craze.

Very soon we are going to have to maintain profiles in at least three social networking sites. Imagine the confusion, arguments and differences in opinion it will cause. There will be a bunch of “I hate Boo-Hoo” pages on Stomp and “Nutter sucks” pages on Revenge. Franshippers will crowd these sites subsequently which will prompt more elite networking sites to spring up. God save the world.


7 Responses to “Kedi Minus”

  1. I am Rocks said

    Hi5’s Stomp,Boo-Hoo,HotSpot, and Kedi Minus also raacks! But why kalaai thalaivar’s Chiti v2.0? Stone hits wonly.

  2. Lady Kedi said

    That was just to draw an analogy. The Rangooski part was so MOKKA!

  3. Asoosal, entartanning poast 😛

    I don’t have much to say, you have pretty much covered everything there is:D Now, where is the like button?

  4. Lady Kedi said

    Thank you Priyanka. The Like button is just above the comments =D Glad you liked it.

  5. turbosexaphonic said

    very true!! good thinking 🙂

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