Blogger Kinds

July 3, 2011

Everyone blogs these days – which is a very good thing. Everyone thinks they are very good at it – which is not so good. Everyone pesters everyone else to read their blogs – which is downright annoying. Why would it not be so when all blogs seem to fall into stereotypes as rigid as a chiselled stone? Most blogs fall under one or the other of the below category.

The rant-a-phillic

These pretentious folks rant about everything: the heat in Chennai, the rains in Mumbai, their exams, their love life, their careers…everything under the sun. They are like octogenarian paati’s who are perpetually at dismay with the world around them.

A sample,

Avan Ivan – A R(ant)eview

What is with Bala these days? Seriously, what is with him? For the amount we spend on movie tickets, we certainly do not expect to see a rerun of Pithamagan, only with different heroes. Maybe it is the whole of the Tamil Film Industry to be blamed. After all, they were the ones who keep making rustic film after rustic film. Alright, a good majority of Tamil Nadu are its villages. But really, we are all sick of watching aruval sandai and dying heroines and azhukku heroes! But in the name of sophistication, we cannot be put through torture like Engeyum Kadhal too!

Note importantly that, throughout the rant Vishal’s acting seems to have been forgotten. So have been other good Tamil flicks.

The Quiz Masters

This is another burgeoning trend. Though I have no qualms about it, I write about it just to classify the various blogs I have come across. These quizzers put up question after question of unimportant information and pride themselves when they answer abstract questions. Neither the question nor the answer makes sense to us laymen, so I keep quiet and let them be.

For example.

Which river gets its name from the Tamil word for a person well versed in the science of ground water?

The answer? The river Cooum. Since this pops up in every conversation we participate in, we might as well know this important piece of information.

The Shakespeares

They own poetry blogs. All of them invariably write about love, sunshine, rain, the sky, trees, scenic beauty, emotions, sadness, blah, blah and blah. They sprinkle salt on the open wound by begging, nagging and forcing people to read their poems and comment on them.

Like this,


You heart, you pump blood

Due to which my emotions flood

On seeing her, my fair dame

To win her heart, am I game?

She walked by, with tears in her eyes

Totally unanswered were my how’s and why’s

She told me of her wish to wed

Someone else and my heart turned to lead!

I understand how you feel after reading it. I feel sorry for you. You feel sorry for me to have tolerated such poetry.

The Photography Blog

These people swear by excessive photoshopped works. To every photo they click, this is their mantra:

Crop, blur, tint, saturate.

A cluster of these surreal photos and you can start your very own blog to showcase your amateur photography skills.

The List Makers

These people are like me. They make lists of everything. Either that or bullets or charts or highly structured essays that resemble research papers. I strongly defend them as they belong to the clan of few of the most organized people in the blogosphere.

There are so many more that could be added to the list – cookery blogs, tech blogs, rage comics and rants in localparty style as far as I can remember. Whatever is the genre, and whatever has been said, blogging still remains a pleasure to all bloggers.


13 Responses to “Blogger Kinds”

  1. DD said

    Don’t forget to include “intrepid” story-tellers like me.. gosh! 😀

  2. DD said

    Also Recipe blogs.. they aren’t so bad actually! but some have really gross looking photos of something they tried to “create” 😛

  3. Lol.. Photography seems to be the emerging (if not already established) favourite among Tamilians..

  4. Lady Kedi said

    @DD Right on! I was going to include one on Story Tellers after the Shakespeares but felt too lazy to write a story to prove my point =D

    @Karthik Kumar It is not just among Tamilians. Everyone is into photography these days!

  5. Can you please tell me under which category my blog comes, madam? Thank you!

  6. Lady Kedi said

    @Irai Arul Petravan It is obvious.

  7. To my not so sane mind, it ain’t that obvious madam. Pliss to elucidate.

  8. Vidya said

    As one of the “photography enthusiasts” – this is completely true. 😛

  9. Girl with Mirthful Confusions said

    Interesting! Every blog, how bad or good it may be, it some how gives you an insight of how the world a.k.a other bloggers think unless they are not following others’ rant or blog and making a photocopy of it.

  10. Rads said

    I think I’m the List Maniac, nice analysis prof 🙂

  11. If you want to see all the above categories in a single blog…………see

  12. chandana said

    hELLO…I just kept laughing till the end for most of your articles… the pun and mockery intended behind your words is simply awesome to spot 😀 loved it ! keep rocking \m/

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