May 24, 2011

“Namma Lalitha indha varshathoda Engineering mudikaralo?”  asks Pattu Manni.

[“Isn’t our Lalitha finishing her Engineering this year”]

“Ama Manni, Naalu varsham odi poiduthu.  Leading software company la place aayruka” , Amma replies.

[“Yes Manni, 4 years have flown by. She is placed in a leading software company”]

“Besh. Rendu varsham vela panatam. Next kalyanathuku paaka aarambichudalaam”.

[” Great. Let her work for two years. We will then start looking for a groom for her.”]


“Ipo dhaan Lalli porandha mari iruku, adhukulla iruvadhu vayasu aayduthu paaren” says Ambi Mama.

[“It seems like Lalli was born just now. She has grown to be 20 already.”]

“Ama Mama, years have gone by fast” replies Appa.

“IIT la M.Tech Program. Best for her. 2 years padichu mudicha jammunu vela kedaikum. Apdiye kalyanamum panidalaam”

[“IIT la M.Tech Program. Best for her. After two years of studying she’ll get a very good job. We’ll marry her off as soon as she starts working.”]


“Lalli padichu mudichuta la?” enquires Paddhu Perima.

[“Has Lalli finished studying?”]

“Indha varshathoda mudikaraa” answers Amma.

[“She is finishing this year.”]

“Namma Prema naathanaar oda machunan payan Venkat, CA mudichutaan. Karaikudi la vela. Nalla varan. Vitudadha”.

[“Our Prema’s sister-in-law’s brother-in-law’s son Venkat has finished his CA. He works in Karaikudi. Its a very good match. Don’t miss the opportunity.”]


“Illa, ava America poi mela padikanam nu solara…” informs Amma to all.

[“Actually, she wants to go to America and study further…”]

“Enna MS ah! Naapadhu laksham aagume!”

[“What MS ah! It will cost you 40 lakhs!]

“MS illa PhD. Fully funded…”

“Solrom nu thappa nenachukaadha Ramani, Indha PhD laam namma family ku othu varadhu!”

[“Don’t think of us in the wrong way just because we are pointing this to you, Ramani. This PhD and all won’t set right for our family!”]

“Unga thanga payan PhD dhaana panraan Manni?” Amma catches the point.

[“Your sister’s son is doing his PhD only no Manni?”]

“Payan avan. 28 years varil padikalaam. Ipo post doc kuda dhaan padika poraan. Iruvathi ezhu vayasula Lalli ya yaaru kalyanam panipaan?”

[“He is a boy. He can study till he is 28. He is going to do post doc also now. Who will marry Lalli when she is 27!?”]

“4 year course nu ava solra…”

[“She claims it is a 4 year course.”]

“Apdi dhaan elaarum solluva. Indha research elaam velaiku aagadha samacharam. En di, nee dhaan un ponnu kitta eduthu sollanam!”

[“That is what everyone will say. This research and all never works. Why, you should only tell your daughter that!”]

“Padikaren nu solra…padikatame…”

[“She says she wants to study…let her study…”]

“Pinna epo kalyanam panradhu?!”

[“Then when will she get married?!”]

The unanswered question for all in my family.


9 Responses to “Family”

  1. Hahaha.. excellent.. I think the problem is there for guys too! :-/

  2. Sandy said

    y blood, same blood 😛

  3. athi said

    Best post in your page.. 🙂

  4. N said

    I randomly stumbled on your blog. As a south Indian girl from a conservative family doing her masters’ in the US, I can completely relate to this particular post! It is funny how everyone except our own parents seem to be concerned with us getting married ‘on time’ 🙂

  5. ranjani said

    oh my god. it feels real good to see i share my anguish!

  6. “4 year course nu ava solra…”

    “Apdi dhaan elaarum solluva. Indha research elaam velaiku aagadha samacharam”

    Good luck! 😀

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