The Cho Chweet Phenomenon

May 19, 2011

Ever wondered why girls go “Cho chweet” every so often? Ever wondered what triggers them to howl “Aww”? Personally I believe them saying two normal words in such an extraordinary fashion is primarily to attract interest to their own selves. This has worn off, of course (with guys getting disillusioned and all that) but this has now shifted to even the non-fairer sex. It now probably means something like how many pictures do I have to comment before you’re going to comment similarly on mine/ how many do I have to comment on before I steal someone away from you. Such evil designs, where are the simpler times? So, Satiish and I have come up with a list of observed behaviour that seems to be the in-thing amongst most females these days which seem to have no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

 7. Too Many of those damned Smileys

This I’m pretty sure is a bit controversial, but there is a limit for everything. I’ve known people who get a full message only consisting of a number of oddly ordered smileys, which may mean anything from I’m deeply in love with you to I hate you, plain and square. Confusing eh?

 6. Machi

When and why have girls started calling each other Machi? My 10th standard cousin uses this word extensively. Such is the epiphany of the word. One small suggestion, why not Machini instead of Machi. For that is what is grammatically and politically correct. Surely in a while there are going to be Magalir Sangams up in arms fighting for such female rights.

 5. Cho chweet

Oh, we are 3 year old toddlers. We cannot pronounce So or Sweet. These overgrown babies seem to have the mental maturity of the infants they mimic when they go “Choooo cute” at most things they come across.

 4. Cling unto me, and you shall be salvaged.

These types just have to cling on to you when they talk, walk, eat and sleep. They are leeches incarnated, holding on to your elbows to make their point. The worse of this kind yell into your ears while holding on to your hands. If you haven’t met one of these specimens, think of yourself as blessed.

3. Awwwww

These are members of the Cho Chweet sorority. They need to make the Aww howl every time they see anything remotely cute. Wolfish, I know.

 2. Self Photography

This is all over Facebook. Remotely pretty girls photographing close ups of their remotely pretty faces, saturating the colours, photoshopping it to death and publishing the photos online only for other girls to say “Cho pretty” or go “Aww”.

 1. Hugs and Kisses

What is with hugging others bye? This surely wasn’t the trend a couple of years ago. Don’t even get me started on a bunch of girls hugging and posing for close up snaps.

The men are not far behind. They seem to have their own brand of the Cho Chweet phenomena.  Here are a few.

 6.Posing on Bikes

Guys posing on bikes convey all but one meaning – not that they have an awesome sports bike, not that it is an Avenger like what Simbu rides in Hosanna, not that his wheely doing skills are top notch but as a showoff whose love for bikes overtakes his potential interest in girls. Beware ye girls, of guys, their bikes and their nasty habit of flaunting what they ride.

 5. Extended relations

Is his sister your wife? Is your mother his sister? Have you given your daughter to him in marriage? Then why call others Mama, Machan and Maapla?

4. Pierced ears and coloured hair

Go jump inside the Coovum if you think you can attract girls this way.

3. Yo-man poses

Face it; baggy T shirts do not suit you. Nor do the oversized coolers. Please don’t scare us girls with zoomed in photos of you looking like a poochandi.

 2. Muscle men

You needn’t wear tight vests alone and roam in front of us to show off your gym body. You cannot match our Surya any day.

 1. The Sports Maniac

Many would disagree with me, but a bright red Manchester United jersey or a bright yellow Chennai Super Kings tee is so uncool. Pains my eyes.

There are a hundred more things that characterizes the youth of today. A hundred things trademark of us. Take a moment to let us know these traits you love or loathe.


16 Responses to “The Cho Chweet Phenomenon”

  1. ysh said

    nice post! :)(i belong to the 7th category in girls :P)

  2. Vivek said

    Couldn’t figure out what ‘curiosity’ was all about and didn’t find the digs at Vadivelu funny, but I must say, this one makes up for it all.. Awesome post, this one was…
    Particularly detest those never ending smileys and self poses… 😐

  3. Praveen said

    ” Beware ye girls, of guys, their bikes and their nasty habit of flaunting what they ride ”

    u lady are blessed with a very good sense of humour..

    I have one complaint though . . where is the lady kedi typical tamil flavour suddenly disappearing from your posts ??

  4. Lady Kedi said

    @Ysh Ha!

    @Vivek Glad you liked this post. Curiosity was an abstract story. Tried my hand at writing a story the first time. And Vadivel’s post belonged to the Mokka Comedy genre, and you have found it mokka =D

    @Praveen Thanks Praveen. I never realized what you have told until now. I will try posting one such post soon.

  5. Srikanth Krish said

    Dear Miss Lady Kedi,

    It was a lot of fun reading your post. People do a lot of things to show themselves to be cool. But you jot down all of them and end up being cool. You make a lot of fun out of these typical characters in the social networking sites. Great job. No doubt. Listing is fine. But you did not mention any thing about yourself in that list. So does that mean you don’t belong to any of the categories in the list. Smart ass.

    Nice read but.

  6. Ezhilvani said

    Hi there.
    Pure awesomeness!! U go girl!! 😀

  7. srbharadwaj said

    hehe hav seen this ‘Machi’ thing on FB a lot of times…but fortunately karnataka girls or shall i say kanndada speaking girls dont talk the guys slang :).. imagine a girl saying ‘Maga’ to another girl…YUCK!!!

  8. Aravind said

    heh .. good one !

  9. Sandy said

    how i wish i had ur keen sense of observation!!! :)) only when i read do i realise how true the insights r!

  10. M. Monk said

    If I might add a few more to the list, my personal favorite “The proud party animal” – The individual who is proud of having had too much to drink and pass out at a party (usually friends house) and be carried home kind. The kind with no other discernible skill, who feel their ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol (and usually smoke as well) somehow makes them cool…

    Then there are the “Band Master(s)” A group of misguided college or high school kids who believe their vain attempts at learning how to play certain musical instruments in an unfortunate parents house, constitutes the greatest Rock band on the face of the planet. With menacing names, perpetual moronic looks on their faces and the quintessential black and white photo of them in “carefully chosen” old looking clothes against a brick wall, with all looking utterly disinterested in the “shoot”, which gets posted promptly to a social networking website.

    Btw, really neat blog post. Was mighty thrilled to read it and realize there were others who shared my disdain for these kinds 😀

  11. Rads said

    My blogger pic is a self portrait 😀 but that’s the only one I managed to get right…and yes the cho chweet n awws, so true but the rest I don’t think so…I can never see any girl in telugu calling another Mama.

  12. Thomas said


    I saw a lot of these expressions on facebook today. And it got me thinking about this strange behavior of women. So.. I googled! 😛 And what I read now was just brilliant! All my questions have been answered in the funniest way possible!

  13. Anaghaa said

    Funny post! But yeah, you forgot to mention which category you fall into. Im as cynical as you abt girls like hose. Yuck.

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