An Interview with Vadivel

May 17, 2011

I am his big fan. His ability to do comedy on and off screen is very heartening. Of late, his comedy off screen has been extremely well received and talked about. Who else to have an imaginary interview with than our very own Vaigai Puyal Vadivel.  Hope this tête-à-tête has you in splits.

Sir, what do you wish to say about the outcome of the elections?

Naa apdiye shoke aaiten. Idhula edho ull naatu sadhi iruku!

En Sir, enna aachu?

Ellaarum adichaanga. Adhula oru pombala karate pazhagirupaa nu nenaikkuren. Andhaa dhadi mootu vechu ethinaa paarunga…

Neenga yen sir DMK ku first of all support paninga?

Election jeicha enaku panchu mittaiyum and Kuchi Ice um vaangi tharen naanga.

Asingama illa ungaluku?

But andha dealing enaku romba pudichurundhudhu

What is the reason for you staying with Mr. M. K. Alagiri at present?

Maapu, vechutangaya aapu.

What did you ask Mr. Alagiri regarding this?

En kitta irundha edhu da unna heavy ah like panna vechudhu nu keten.

What do you wish to say about this video?

Adhu vera vaai, idhu naara vaai.

What do you have to say regarding this picture of you doing the rounds in the internet?

Both DMK and the elections played the basketball in my life.

What do you think has brought you to this state?

Naa ready nu sonna odane, endha nerathula venalum attack pannunga. Adha naa epdi thadukarengaradha mattum parunga nu sonnen.  Endha oru vishayathayum plan panama panna ipdi dhaan. Plan panni pannanam. Okkk?

Could we expect the same behaviour from you for the next elections too?

This is drungen monkey style! It will repeat until Kalaingar comes to aatchi again!

What are your future projects? Can we expect to see you star in your very own production soon?

I am acting in my home production in 3 roles. The movie is called Lochak, Mochak, Pachak. I plan to release it at the same time as Raanaa. Raana vadhu gaanaa vadhu!

Sir, ipo unga sondha padam eduka mudila na what will you do?

Dubai la enodaya birathar Mark irukara. Avar kita aprasintha sendhupen.

When can we see you competing against Vijayakanth in the assembly elections?

Very soon. All plans are on for starting my very own katchi named Na.Ku.Mu.Ka. Naavaal Kuttichuvaraagum-makkal Munnetra Kazhagam. Kootani with DMK. Our chinnam is a medhu vadai. Here it is:


Erm alright. Now let us hold a mock poll as to who your vote would go to in the next general elections:

  • Na.Ku.Mu.Ka FTW!
  • Gaptun is the Captain!
  • Thaathaa
  • Aaathaa

Comment with your replies.

For all of you who have not followed the current pre and post election scenario, this video says it all.

Also, thanks to Aravind Chandrasekaran for helping me with this post.


4 Responses to “An Interview with Vadivel”

  1. Sathiish said

    shud hav included that kudutha kasoda kuvaran dialogue.. plus i think he can compete frm varuthapadathu adivangovor sangam/varutha pada valibar sangam.. :P..
    Super nonetheless.. 🙂

  2. Vadivel said

    Eiii! Enna vechu kamedi keemadi panalaye?

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