A Vetti Post

May 13, 2011

I have mentioned this tangentially already. The range of usage of the word vetti is a pride to senthamizh. So wide its reach is that it would make our Kalaignar proud. Though it literally means “vain”, it is coupled amusingly with many words that bring out a different dimension to it. Here is a bunch of ways in which the word vetti makes my day.

It describes my state of being.

Like my Mom often admonishes, I am always vetti.  Vettiya computer ah thattindu irupaa ava, they say at my house if anyone asks of me. You guessed it, I am proud of being called vetti.

It describes the people I am jealous of.

Only I can be vetti ok. If someone out-performs me in something, what they do automatically becomes vetti velai.

And then there is Vetti Scene.

All scene is vetti scene. Partly because we do not like or approve of the scene party, the scene they put becomes to be called vetti.

Paavam, the animals.

I mean, vetti dog, vetti donkey, vetti erumai and other things we say when we want to wag our fingers at people’s faces.

To illustrate my point better, here are instances of vettiness that we come across everyday:

Sitting idle right in the morning waiting for coffee without asking for it comes under staying vetti.

Flicking your iphone once every 10 seconds right in the faces of people around you is putting vetti scene.

Calling your sibling a vetti erumai when they hog your TV time is using the word vetti to degrade a poor erumai.

I can go on and on about vetti examples to illustrate my vetti point in this vetti blog for you vetti people to read. Ha! There, I called you vetti.

Poor pranks apart, here is this vettiest thing I have seen. Just after the inception of a Tambrahmrage, there has been a peak in the levels of general vettiness with Gult Rage, Gujju Rage, Mallu Rage, Aamadmi Rage and so on. Damn you all, no one has started a Vettirage! Now that it is established that I am also vetti, the question may arise whether I cannot be the one to start Vettirage. Here is a very amateur, very mokka Vettirage comic drawn by low-funda-boy and me.

Dialogue courtesy : Dom Cobb in Inception

As it can be seen from the comic, I am very comically challenged. Readers are welcome to contribute to this rage. Use this to draw your comic. I will keep updating the post as the comics flow in.


3 Responses to “A Vetti Post”

  1. Not so Vetti Gal said

    Haha! Vetti comedy nala panrenga 😀

  2. You should have coined this before the whole “Why this kolavari di?” rage!

    Keep writing from the US. I like your approach!

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